Voices In Our House

We grew up in a house where we where sheltered and were given everything we want or whatever my parents wants us to have. My brother and I out very thankful that we have them. They strive harder just to give us the very best. And we know that, we see their efforts. We’re very grateful for everything.

Growing up, I believed and I knew that I can do everything that I set my mind into. I believed in myself. I may not be smart but I have my way of doing everything that I want to do. My parents are great, yes but somehow, I know that I developed all the reservations that I have in myself now because of them. They tell us that we’re too dependent but they don’t give us the chance to make them see that we can make it on our own. One mistake, and that’s it. They blow up, they get mad. It’s understandable, but I wish they’d given me more chance. We didn’t have voices of our own. They don’t listen to us. I don’t know if it’s because they want to show dominance or that’s just who they are. We try to share our opinions and the next thing we know is we are shushed. I wish they heard us more. I wish they’d given us the chance to be one of them. Personally, I always felt small when it comes to them. They’re this great big figure looming over me. And that’s fine. Because they’re my parents and they just want to see me grow into this great person they’d always pictured me to be. I just wished I had more voice. I just wished they heard me more. I wish they’d given me the chance. They’re great and I love them so much. I appreciate everything they do. But just like any other person, they’re flawed. And I understand that too.




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